Pros of Organic Horse Fodder

Just like other domesticated animals, horses need to be provided with enough food rich in all the nutrients and minerals that their bodies need to function optimally. One of the best ways of promoting growth and development of the horses, is by purchasing organic fodder. There is no shortage of retails that sell this type of fodder to ranches and individual owners of horses.

Today we look at the pros or reasons why you should purchase this kind of fodder.



It is devoid of harmful chemicals such as lead that are well known for their potent ability to cause diseases in not only horses but also human beings. Most of the chemicals end up in fodder through excessive application of synthetic fertilizers.


A number of publications online have proved that organic fodder is relatively sweeter as compared to the conventionally grown one. This is the main reason why horses prefer it to the latter. However, only time and more research on this matter will confirm if this is true or just a myth used to sell more organic fodder.

Finally, organic fodder is more affordable as compared to the synthetic one. This is because the farmers who grow it incur reduced costs as they do not rely on synthetic fertilizers and other expensive farm inputs. To get maximum utility from this fodder, you need to store it in an area that is free from pests. Hire a pest control company to sanitize your storage facility regularly.

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