Working Diligently with a Pest Control Company

As mentioned in a previous post, it is imperative to keep your ranch free from all manner of pests that can wreck havoc in the ranch. Most of them are well known for their ability to spread diseases. Today we will go a little bit against the grind and give you time on how to work diligently with a pest control company.


Understand your Needs and Expectations

Once you decide to hire you need to have a specific list of needs and expectations that the company should meet before or at the end of the service delivery. Having this list will help avoid unnecessary arguments and ensure that you get value for your money. Otherwise, if you do not know what you want, you will end up falling for anything and everything.

Inquire About the Cost

Different companies charge varying prices for their services. They use different models of pricing to generate quotes for their clients. You need to contact the support team to get specific details of the prices as well as visit site to get more facts about bedbug control and how professionals do it. All this information will help you to lay out the necessary plans and avoid leaving your business in financial problems.

Get to Know the Specific Equipment that the Company with Use

Nowadays, we have thousands of modern pest control equipment and chemicals that are very effective in exterminating pests without compromising the wellness of the environment. Hence, even after visiting  to get more details about the specific equipment and chemicals that the company intends to use. Note that contamination of the soil and the atmosphere in the ranch can increase the risk of your horses getting various diseases not to mention cancers.

Consider the above facts when dealing with a pest control company so as to get a comprehensive service that meets your requirements.

Why Not to Establish a Horse Ranch

Establishing a horse ranch seems like a lucrative idea to most people, but just like any other business, there are a number of challenges that you must be ready to face. Today, I will go against other popular sites and discuss reasons why you should not establish a ranch.


Very Expensive

The cost of establishing a horse ranch is double that you will need to house cattle and other domesticated animals. This means, if you are not careful, you might end up with serious financial problems that will take years to recover from. If you have other viable business ideas, invest in them instead of starting a ranch.

The Profits are Unpredictable

For your business to grow, you need to have some level of control on the profits and expenditure. That is unfortunately not the case with a horse ranch. You will have little or no control on the profits. This means that once you establish the ranch, you will not have full control of your business. Therefor, your business is vulnerable to numerous financial related complications such as inflation.

Huge Risks

Just like profits, a horse ranch offers a multitude of challenges and risks that can cost you thousands of dollars. For instance, a disease infection can lead to loss of all your horses in one day or two. Can you imagine having to purchase other horses and taking care of them until they become of age to take part in various activities?

Nevertheless, you can reduce these risks and get profits from the ranch if you have a reliable pest control company on your side. They will help you to disinfect the pens and the surrounding area.

Tips for Hiring New Staff in your Horse Ranch

As mentioned previously, it is not possible to achieve great success running a horse ranch if you do not have the right personnel. Today I will break down some tips that will help you to find the right staff from the job market. Please take time to consider each of the tips critically as their ripple effect is immense.



You need people who can manage the ranch perfectly even in your absence. For instance, if you run a HVAC company on the side, you need to have a team that will take care of your horses as you attend to your clients. Experienced staff members have the skills to do various tasks as you go about installing modern AC system in your clients premises.

Academic Qualifications

There is no shortage of learning facilities that offer courses related to running a ranch. Graduates from such facilities know what it takes to manage a ranch, and so they are the most ideal candidates for this position. That said, you should take the time to do your own research to know if indeed they have the credentials indicated in their resumes. This will go a long way to ensure that you hire genuine people who can steer the ranch in the right direction.

Finally, consider the individual inter personal skills such as ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, ability to work cordially with a team, commitment and diligence. Use the above tips to get the best staff members to help you grow your ranch to what you want it to become.

Where to Establish a Horse Ranch

Establishing a horse ranch is not as easy as it sounds. There are a number of factors that you need to consider before making your move. Before we proceed, it is imperative to point out that the success that you will get after establishing the ranch is dependent on the steps that you take to manage it.

Here are some tips to guide you on where to establish a horse ranch.

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Land Availability

You cannot keep horses in a constricted area. You need ample space and so it is imperative to choose a location that have enough land to build all the required structures as well as grow fodder if you intend to. You might have to purchase more land or lease depending on your budget.

Pest Control

There are hundreds of pest species that can affect the health of horses as well as the people working in the ranch. To be on the safe side, you should consider choosing an area that is less prone to pests. Alternatively, have a company or several companies that have the skills and ability to exterminate the various pests such as rats to create a conducive environment for your horses.

Finally, you need to consider the costs of running the ranch. It is expensive to have a horse ranch in some parts of the world due to high land rates. Do your research to find places that are ideal for this kind of business.

Tips for Purchasing Organic Fodder

One of the best ways of ensuring that your horse grow optimally is by purchasing organic fodder. However, you need to consider a number of factors so as to choose the best in the market. Here are some of the primary things that you need to consider when looking for organic fodder for your horses.


Nutritional Value

This is by far one of the primary factors that you should never miss to consider before making your chances. Inquire about the levels of various nutrients in the fodder to know if it is suitable for your horses. For instance, ask the amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that your horses will get from feeding on the fodder.


Freshly dried fodder is more nutritious than that harvested today and supplied in the market. The drying process helps to accumulate more nutrients and minerals as well as facilitate loss of water that often times reduces the amount of time that you the fodder can stay fresh in the storage unit.

Growth Method

Different farmers use different growing methods to cultivate their fodder. To get pure organic fodder, you need to ensure that you purchase it from a farmer who observes the various organic farming methods and techniques. You might have to do some background research to make the right choice, as you cannot rely on the labels and information provided online by the farm.

Finally, ask the length of time that the fodder can be stored before going bad to save money.

Pros of Organic Horse Fodder

Just like other domesticated animals, horses need to be provided with enough food rich in all the nutrients and minerals that their bodies need to function optimally. One of the best ways of promoting growth and development of the horses, is by purchasing organic fodder. There is no shortage of retails that sell this type of fodder to ranches and individual owners of horses.

Today we look at the pros or reasons why you should purchase this kind of fodder.



It is devoid of harmful chemicals such as lead that are well known for their potent ability to cause diseases in not only horses but also human beings. Most of the chemicals end up in fodder through excessive application of synthetic fertilizers.


A number of publications online have proved that organic fodder is relatively sweeter as compared to the conventionally grown one. This is the main reason why horses prefer it to the latter. However, only time and more research on this matter will confirm if this is true or just a myth used to sell more organic fodder.

Finally, organic fodder is more affordable as compared to the synthetic one. This is because the farmers who grow it incur reduced costs as they do not rely on synthetic fertilizers and other expensive farm inputs. To get maximum utility from this fodder, you need to store it in an area that is free from pests. Hire a pest control company to sanitize your storage facility regularly.

Lessons to Learn from Horse Ranch Managers

Across the globe, there are thousands of horse ranches that house the different species. If you intend to establish one, you need to know firsthand that running a ranch is not child play, you need to have a special set of skills such as managerial skills. You also need to have a team to help you make informed decisions.

Here are some of the crucial lessons that you can take from professional horse ranchers.


Taking Risks

Having and running a horse ranch is just like any other business in the world. You will be a business partner of some kind, and so you need to learn how to take risks. This does not mean that you should leave everything to chance, you have to learn to differentiate between manageable and unmanageable risks. There are risk that can leave your business in a limbo if you make the wrong decision.

Managing your Finances

You will need to have a substantial amount of money in your bank account to help you run the ranch. However, if you are not careful, you might end up spending more than you can afford. Hence, you need to have good financial management skills. If you are not good in this, you can hire an accountant to help you do the work, but you need to be on top of things to avoid any regrets.

Finally, you need to have some skills on how to keep pests that can cause diseases at bay. The horses should be cleaned regularly and the ranch sprayed to kill all forms of pests. Having a reliable company that can do that on your side will help keep your ranch clean and ideal for the horses.

Mistakes to Avoid When Running a Ranch

One of the best ways of achieving financial stability is by establishing a horse ranch. However, you need to make calculated business tips to avoid loses and other problems down the road. Today we will look at some of the mistakes that you should avoid at all costs if you want to have a good horse ranch.

Over expenditure

You need to come up with accurate or precise financial plans to operate the ranch. That is, you need to have enough cash to cater for various roles such as paying labor, purchasing feeds, and carrying out repair and maintenance on machines and equipment.


Hiring the Wrong Staff

Just like any other commercial enterprise, you need to have a team of professionals to help you run the show. Hiring the wrong staff will definitely spell doom on your business as you will not be able to make correct decisions. For instance, if you hire an unqualified veterinary officers, your horses will be falling ill regularly and this will in turn increase your operating cost.

Finally, you can be the problem in the ranch, what do I mean? I knew that you would ask that question. To run the ranch, you need to have a set of special skills. Even if you have not been around horses for long, you need to at least have a passion for them. You also need to learn to be an entrepreneur. More importantly, hire a pest control company that is reputable and reliable to help keep pest out of your horses.

Managing a Horse Ranch Right


Managing a horse ranch is a business just like any other. Not everyone has the skills and ability to run is successfully and make substantial gain. We have been running our ranch for decades now, hence we have the skills and experience required to do this work. Here are some tips to help you manage your ranch too like a professional.


Get Qualified Staff

Horses are delicate animals that need to be taken good care of at all times. Simple mistakes such as poor hygiene can compromise their health and wellness. Hence, you need to get a team of professionals who have academic qualifications and experience to help you run and make decisions in the ranch.


You need modern equipment to do various tasks in the ranch such as cleaning and feeding. There is no shortage of companies that specialize in making this kind of equipment, all you need to do is to do your research well.

Know Your Horses

This is one of the most essential secret that you need to manage a horse ranch well. Take the time to know the specific traits of each horse in your staples. For instance, get to know the temperament associated with a particular species. All this information will help you to make informed decision and achieve great profits from your investment.

Finally ensure that the horses get enough food and water at all times.